Booking Some Christmas Gigs!

We’ve been working on booking some fun Christmas gigs for the coming holiday months! It sounds like in November we’ll have a couple fun shows for the Christmas season, which means we’ll be singing our new Christmas song!!

I’m super excited to share it with you, this one is super catchy and fun to sing!

We also have a super exciting little tidbit of information for you!

We received word that we’re going to have one of our Christmas songs in a Holiday Hallmark movie! Our song “Sparkly Christmas Things” will be used in the Hallmark film “Miss Christmas”, we are so EXCITED!

The movie premiers on November 5th on the Hallmark Channel, and we can’t wait to see it!! We don’t know how much of the song they’ll use, but we’re sure the movie will be super fun to watch!!

Keep an eye out for that film!

And until next time…

Keep dancin’!

Robin J

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