A Fun Easter DIY Treat!!

With Easter coming up right around the corner, I’ve been experimenting with some fun little Easter treats! My favourite treat that I have come up with is Easter nest cupcakes!!

They’re super cute and super easy to make! I’ll include photos at the bottom of this post, but I’ll start with how to make them 🙂

First of all, use whatever cupcake recipe or box that you’d prefer. Normally I would make my cupcakes from scratch from one of my own recipes, but this time I just used boxed chocolate cupcakes! They turned out delicious as well!

My next step was making the nests while the cupcakes baked and cooled! This part is so easy, but makes all the difference when it comes to these Easter cakes!

All you need is some chocolate of your choice – I used 3 cadbury milk chocolate bars (they were on sale), and shredded wheat! Which you find in the cereal isle.

Take a pot filled to about half way with water and bring it to a boil, place another bowl on top that sits above the water on the pot and then place your chocolate in it until it’s completely melted!

After it’s melted, transfer your bowl of melted chocolate over to a place that is safe to place a hot bowl on.

Mix in your shredded wheat as you crumple it into the bowl. Add to a desired mix, but be sure that the mix is mouldable into the nest shape and that it’s not too chocolatey! You want it to hold the shape.

Take spoonfuls of the mixture and place it into a muffin tin liner and push it down just a little bit in the middle. Then add however many mini eggs you’d like to add! I chose to do 2 at a time because they were slightly bigger eggies than usual 🙂

Once you’ve used all your mixture to make the nests, place them in the fridge to set for a couple hours. However, if you need to store them for a while, you don’t need to keep them in the fridge over night. You can place them anywhere, but cover them in saran wrap to keep them fresh! I stored mine on the kitchen table!

My next step was to make icing for the cupcakes. I would tell you my recipe for icing, but it’s a basic buttercream, and I know there are so many icing recipes online that will explain it much simpler than I would! So check out a recipe online!!

All I did was put the icing in a piping bag and then piped it onto the cupcakes once they were completely cooled, and then put the little nests on top once they were set! It all turned out great! I was so happy with it!!

Here are my photos!

If you ever make these cupcakes send me photos on Instagram or Twitter!!

Until next time…

Keep dancin’!

Robin 🙂


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