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Fun Recording Session!

Last night we spent some time in the studio recording some new tunes for an upcoming album! There’s no definite plan for when the next record will come out, but we are on top of writing for it and having a blast doing so! I can’t wait to show you the upcoming tunes we’ve been […]

Party For The Planet!!

This last weekend we performed at Party for the Planet, and it was so much fun! It was our first outdoor show this year, and I have to say – we were SO lucky with the weather! The rain held out, and it was a perfect, but kind of chilly, afternoon! Our show was so […]

A Super GREAT Show!!

On April 7th, we had a show at the Surrey Early Years Festival at the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre! It was such a blast to hit the stage again and to connect with an audience! Our show was super fun. Bazza kept me on my feet throughout the whole show! He kept coming through different […]

Upcoming Shows

We have a couple shows coming up, I’m very excited to hit the stage once again! On April 7th we’ll be performing at the Surrey Early Learning Festival! We’ll be on at 12:30, and we hope you can come join us! The following weekend we’ll be performing at Surrey’s Party for the Planet on April […]

A Fun Easter DIY Treat!!

With Easter coming up right around the corner, I’ve been experimenting with some fun little Easter treats! My favourite treat that I have come up with is Easter nest cupcakes!! They’re super cute and super easy to make! I’ll include photos at the bottom of this post, but I’ll start with how to make them […]

New Music!

Lately I have dedicated a lot of my time to writing new music. I’ve been on a roll with writing some new tunes and I’m super excited to get them recorded and going in order to get a final product! I have a list of ideas that I want to write a bunch of new […]

Plant a Flower!

Today, Monday March 12, is National Plant a Flower Day! Now, I absolutely ADORE flowers. Every time I walk past a flower, I insist on smelling it, and just enjoying it! Flowers are such a beautiful and natural way to put a smile on my face! Think about it! Of course some grow naturally, but […]

Funny Memories Found in Photos!

I was going through photos from a few years ago! I found some really nice memories while going through them. One of my absolute favourites that I found is this: This photo is from about 6 years ago. It’s a photo of Pip staring at a little ducky in our bathtub in our home. We […]


We’re super excited to announce that we’ll be performing at the City of Surrey’s Party for the Planet on April 14! This is a wonderful event that happens every year around Earth day, it’s a place where we can go to learn about how to better our environments as well as celebrate our spectacular earth. […]

I’ve been writing!

Recently I’ve felt a wave of inspiration and so naturally I’ve been writing as much as possible! I wrote a brand new song to come out in the future, not sure when yet, but I’m excited for when it does 🙂 You can really find inspiration in so many different things, honestly, you can find […]