Funny Memories Found in Photos!

I was going through photos from a few years ago! I found some really nice memories while going through them. One of my absolute favourites that I found is this:

This photo is from about 6 years ago. It’s a photo of Pip staring at a little ducky in our bathtub in our home. We found the cutest and most innocent little duckling in our back yard completely by themselves. The little guy looked a little confused and lonely, so we wrapped them in a towel and brought him into our house. It was later in the evening, so at the time no animal humane society or bird sanctuary was open. We decided to keep the little guy around for the night. So we made him a warm little home in a crate, where he could sleep for the evening. By this point, the little duck seemed quite comfortable.

In the morning we filled up the bathtub and let him do a little bit of swimming around. Eventually we called the bird sanctuary, and they told us that we’d be okay to bring the little duck in, and he would get all of the proper care he would need there! Of course we really loved the little guy, but it wouldn’t have been fair to keep him – we don’t know how to raise a duck, and they aren’t domestic animals! They need to be raised in the wild, along with other ducks. So the bird sanctuary seemed like the best option.

We took the duck to the bird sanctuary, said our goodbyes, and knew that he was going to be raised along other ducks. It felt good knowing we were doing the right thing. But I do miss him sometimes!

If you ever find an animal that ever needs help, there are a ton of resources that you can use and reach out to in order to find the right thing to do regarding helping the animal. Be smart! Take care of the animals around you, and give your pet some extra hugs today!

Until next time…

Keep dancin’!

Robin 🙂

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