Plant a Flower!

Today, Monday March 12, is National Plant a Flower Day!

Now, I absolutely ADORE flowers. Every time I walk past a flower, I insist on smelling it, and just enjoying it! Flowers are such a beautiful and natural way to put a smile on my face!

Think about it! Of course some grow naturally, but in most cases, someones hard-working and happy hands planted those flowers there. Not only are they beautiful, AND they smell good, but they help bees!

Flowers benefit bees by providing them with all of the food their colonies need to survive. But not only that… Bees help flowers as well! Bees help flowering plants reproduce, via pollination! I find nature fascinating! It’s so cool to think of all the different ways that natural things in our environments benefit one another.

So here is my challenge to you today, but not only today – let’s plant flowers! Let’s make little gardens in our backyard! We can plant flowers, like tulips and sunflowers, but we can also plant and grow tomatoes! Peas! Broccoli! Lettuce! The list goes on! I’ve always wanted a veggie garden, and I think now’s my chance! At the magical tree we could definitely use a vegetable garden 🙂

Another amazing flower-based activity is the Tulip Festival! There are different ones that you can go to all over the world, but the one I went to was the Abbotsford Tulip Festival. It was incredible! To be surrounded by so many tulips of different colours… Amazing! I can’t wait to go again.

I guess I’m just really excited for Spring!! 😀

Here are a couple of my favourite flower photos!


Until next time…

Keep dancin’!

Robin 🙂


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